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The Milkman Come 'if [28 Aug 2004|08:06pm]


School starts next week....

I feel kinda dragged and lagged but o well I'll get excited once it gets to the day before...

Woopeee recuiting fresh meat!
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Improv 101 Lesson #1 - "The Rules" [15 Aug 2004|02:43am]

Hey folks this is the ever villgelent Jun and I'm here to give YOU a crash course in basic Improv!

You may think improv is all fun and games. Majority of the time it is but there are a set of rules we have to follow to avoid a total and complete fuck-up. ie boring the crowd to death!

Lesson #1 - "The rules"

Rule #1 - Most important rule of them all. DO NOT THINK!
Thinking makes you hesitate and second guess yourself.

Rule #2 - JUST DO IT! TRY TRY TRY! Screw what other people think!

Rule #3 - Accept. DO NOT BLOCK!
If someone gives you something to work with ROLL WITH IT!

Rule #4 - Advance. They gave you something now advance it and give them something!

Rule #5 - DON'T TRY TO BE FUNNY! You'll end up being less funny if you do.

Those are the basic rules of Improv. Follow them and you WILL be golden!
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New Semester New Crew! [13 Aug 2004|11:50pm]

Hey folks this is Jun. Well a new semester is almost upon us and that means fresh talent ready to hit the scene! I'll be hard at work for the first few weeks scouting and rounding up a new crew of improvisors for my next 3 planed shows. Of course hopefully I will still have my solid crew of old veterans.

Each show is just going to get better and better! We packed the house the first time and everyone went home crack'in up! A new king of comedy was crowned. A very controversal unknown underdog Brian took the audience by storm with his impressions, quick wit and solid improvisational skills.

Now it's a new semester I need new fresh talent! If your interested in haming up the stage or just what a major confedence boost or just wana meet some really cool people. Contact me Jun



Or Im on AIM:


Hope to see you there at the next show and if everything goes according to plan our grand cash prize will deffinately be bigger this time!
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[31 Jul 2004|12:43am]

Calling all my people!!! Improvisors young and old, short and tall, butt ugly and god like in beauty! My name is June and my sole purpose in life is to perform and to get other people to perform! Damb there is way to much talent out there but there are way to many people keeping them down! IF YOU ARE AN IMPROVISOR OR ARE INTERESTED IN PERFROMING CONTACT ME!!!!! Ack the easyiest way to put it.....If we put on a show they will come...So far I'll pulled off one show out of my ass in 2 weeks time...had a turn out of about 35 people.
It was alot of fun and hopefully I can do it again and again and again! Currently I'm doing this at Evergreen Valley Collegue and since the semester is pretty much over my venue and Improvisor are well non-existant. Anyways I know your out there damb it! Let's get together and do something!
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